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Copper Water Purifier

Copper water purifier is the perfect example of Indian tradition meeting modern technology. Since ages, a lot of texts talk about copper’s natural antimicrobial properties which further kill bacteria and impart additional health benefits. Copper water purifier help is keeping your family healthier and happier. Water purifiers have become an essential part of every kitchen to keep the family healthy and fit. And opting for a copper-based water filter not just cleans your water but also helps in maintaining your immunity and acts as an antioxidant. Copper Zinc Booster water purifier Cartridge infuses Copper and Zinc ions into the water to give the purest and healthiest drinking water for your family! When water passes through the cartridge, zinc and copper elutes along with it.

  • Steel Tank Water Purifier
  • Under the basin water purifier
  • Water Softener
  • Industrial Water Purifier


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