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Ant Control

Super cure Services provides you with the best ant pest control service through a quick, safe, effective and stress-free solution. We rely on advanced odorless gel bait application or reliable spray of pesticide emulsions to manage ants at your home.

Sometimes they become too much annoying due to their huge population and painful bites. Ants control can be executed by applying the special gel as well as spraying the chemical across the insects’ infected areas. 

  • Our well-trained staff applies this gel to areas which are more prone to pest’s attacks such as electrical control boxes, computers, cabinet corners, and kitchen appliances. They take care to make sure that no area vulnerable to infestation is left untreated.
  • The ants get attracted to the gel and once they have consumed the gel, they spread the contamination to other cockroaches.
  • Within a week the results are evident and the ants are completely eradicated within 3 weeks.


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With an experience of over 10 years in providing services both residential and commercial market, we are equipped with good product knowledge and exposure on maintaining very complex machines.