Our Services


Our sales team is capable enough to not only understand your requirement but also get that fulfilled at the least possible rates in the market. Please enter the details about the equipment you are planning to purchase and we'll revert back shortly.


Are you a guest to our city? You are heartily welcome! We understand that you might not need a product for permanent use for any reason and we'll be happy to provide you best equipment for the timeframe you want it for.


I am sure if you don't have a personal experience, at least you would have heard couple of heart shattering stories from friends / family where they reached out to 'unknown' technicians who actually had worsened the situation and rendered the product unrepairable or company owned service centers which quote you a cost which is almost equal to a new product.

Allow us to save you from both scenarios and get you best and trusted service at reasonable prices


Regular servicing of your products can help you in multiple ways
Helps saving on bills
Keeps you aware of any near future problems you might face with products
Periodic parts cleaning and oiling enhances the life of product and enriches functioning