About Us

We are committed to find the SHIRS (Top) with in the industry by providing our impeccable services at unmatchable prices. The Services we provide are predominantly Sales, Hire, Installations, Repairs, Servicing

We are also working towards bridging the gap between Genuinely and Cost efficiency.

This is our strive to handhold with the new age consumers (Retail and corporate) who are stuck between the Manufacturer run heavily expensive service centers and the individually run service centers.

Be it any electronic home appliance or any house hold need our technicians are completely efficient to fulfil the task of any type of installations, Servicing or Repairs for brands across board. To serve better we internally segregate these into Electro Cure and Home Cure, eventually, both are managed by Super Cure management. Our long tenure in the business has been helping its retail as well as corporate clients to focus into their own work and leaving the maintenance concerns for their equipment's to us.

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